Have you ever been in a situation where you struggled to connect with people, whether it’s at a networking event, a social gathering, or even in your personal life?

If so, consider trying an unexpected icebreaker to catch people’s attention and spark their interest. A big Lego set can be a unique and powerful tool to do just that.

At the KubeCon 2023 conference in Amsterdam, I unexpectedly won a big Lego Star Wars collector’s set at the IBM booth.

Walking with the big Lego box through the show was like a magnet to people. It became an instant conversation starter that helped me connect with people on a personal level.

The Lego set was an unexpected icebreaker that caught people off guard and made them more open to conversation and connection.

Using unexpected icebreakers like a big Lego set can be a powerful tool for success in personal and professional settings. When we do something unexpected, it can create a positive and lighthearted atmosphere that encourages conversation and connection. It can also help us stand out and make a memorable impression that can lead to lasting relationships and opportunities.

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