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Customized professional courses tailored to
your teams

Develeap Education

Develeap, the leading DevOps professional services provider, offers a series of cutting-edge training programs tailored to meet your organization’s unique challenges.

From advanced cloud infrastructure and Kubernetes deployment to best practices in automation, monitoring, and security, we can guide your teams to apply the latest DevOps technologies and methodologies immediately.

Our training process is based on our extensive experience with challenging projects, working with dozens of customers, and training hundreds of professional developers every year.

Our courses combine theoretical instruction, mentorship, and practical experience.

Customized professional courses tailored to your teams

Develeap Education offers professional, top-notch technology courses tailored to your team’s needs and challenges, combining theoretical and practical knowledge.

Our instructors are both certified and experienced devops professionals working with a variety of companies (our customers), and have a genuine passion for mentorship and sharing their knowledge and experience

Commonly Asked Questions


Whether in your office or on our campus, Develeap offers remote or in-person courses.


Based on your team's schedule and availability, we offer half, full-day, or hourly training.


Before implementing the training program, we will meet to customize the required content for the participants and your company's goals.

Back to school

To meet our professional requirements, each training involves tests and a concluding exercise, which the students must complete successfully.


We guide your team to become officially certified by Cloud providers, CNCF and companies such as Google, AWS, Kubernetes etc.


We monitor and evaluate the students’ learning progress to ensure the program meets your goals.

Our courses

Cloud Computing
DevOps, SRE
Cloud Native application with Containerization
Developers, QA, DevOps
Continuous Integration
DevOps, SRE
Cloud Observabiliry
DevOps, SRE
Infrastructure as Code
Developers, QA, DevOps, SRE

Develeap’s BIG numbers:

More Than

Trained students

More Than

Teaching and mentoring hours

More Than

Certified engineers with global certifications such as AWS SAA, GCP, Azure, Kubernetes CKA, Terraform, GitOps

More Than

Lessons plan to teach most industry-trending technologies

About Develeap

Develeap is Israel’s leading DevOps and professional services company. As we provides expert training and consulting services, establishing end-to-end development teams, including project management, learning and training programs, and end-to-end solutions for customers, specializing in streamlining DevOps and building BIQ processes.
We help our customers formulate the correct architecture, adopt the right tools and implement the relevant development processes that will align them with the business objectives and make them truly agile, in various development environments, from SaaS to On-Prem – from fintech to Cyber to Medical.

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Together, we’ll design a course perfectly suited for your teams, considering your specific requirements and areas of improvement, aligning with your specific constraints, technology gaps, and your organizational culture.
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